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I have tried everything, nothing worked... I have NO motivation...

Why other programs never work on a long run?

You may have tried -  KETO, LOW- CARB diets, SUPPLEMENTS, DETOX Teas, HIIT trainings, maybe going for regular Spin classes, Running, lots of cardio Plus Calorie Counting. 

Bought a Gym Membership but you never actually visited the gym

... and the list can go on and on...

No program has brought a proper breakthrough, they have not been really effective for more than a couple of months. After finishing a program the weight starts to pile up again, 5lbs, then 10lbs then 15lbs... and here you are again, exactly where you started.

Failing multiple diets makes you feel further and further away from where you want be as a woman;

  • Sexy

  • Confident

  • Happy

  • Healthy

  • Empowered and Proud


What your reality may look like now instead;

  • It feels like you never have time for yourself

  • No time for meal planning

  • You KNOW what you SHOULD do or eat but in the end it never really happens

  • Food seems to be only way to calm you down, cheer you up, sooth you 

  • Procrastination seems to be your best friend

  • Feeling uncomfortable, unhappy in your body, you don't like what you can see in the mirror

  • You may be covering your body up with baggy clothes to hide...

  • Seems hard to socialize as you don't feel sexy, attractive in your favourite dress...

  • Feeling embarrassed and failed, you want to be a good role model for your kids but it's just not happening...

Can you relate?

Because the Fitness Industry until this point has been missing a KEY element of the equation - YOU AS A UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL, with unique background, skillset, personality, roadblocks and history that may be affecting how you feel around food, why you keep procrastinating, why it may be harder for you to follow a plan  etc.



The latest Fitness Industry is missing out on THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS JOURNEY - YOUR UNIQUENESS and therefore your UNIQUE NEEDS! 

I have been fighting against the latest fitness industry models, where you are promised a quick result, an instant gratification with a generalised program such as

  1. A meal plan with shopping list

  2. A workout routine - Total body, HIIT, Abs, Leg focus, Booty focus (exercising is important but it has to suit your unique self)

  3. Accountability system etc. 

Am I right? 

This sounds all great and they work until you keep following the program, then something happens and BOOOM... you skip one day then two... then you eventually give up....

You know how I know this?

Because I have been there... I have started my weight loss journey like 10000 of times :D

Why these generalised programs are NOT designed for a long term success? 


Because they don't look at the person as Whole therefore they don't tent to focus on healing every aspect of the client's life (emotional wellbeing, history with food, mental health issues, personality type etc) therefore they CAN NOT POSSIBLY provide a long term, sustainable system. 

They tend to focus on what's happening on the surface but nothing else... 

But the magic happens when we figure out what's happening behind the scene, when we understand how we operate, react to circumstances, realise triggers that make us sad, unmotivated, hungry and why.  The real magic kicks in when you learn how to live with these triggers, address emotions and turn them into your allies to help you grow instead of dragging you down...

How does my Holistic program can help you?

By the end of the Holistic Wellbeing Program you will have;


  • Positive body image - feel sexy, confident and happy about your look for life.  The focus is on the long-term results, not a quick fix.

  • Restored relationship with food and yourself as a person - addressing the root causes of your binging or eating when you are bored or stressed etc. Drop the guilt and form habits that serve your body and mind!

  • Weight management - Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss - you will gain your healthy weight back without giving up your favourite foods or worrying about your health.

  • Deal with stress and anxiety effectively with simple and short techniques that you can fit in your busy life with ease

  • Increase self-appreciation and self-confidence by learning methods on how to love/ accept/ forgive etc. yourself and others and be your authentic self without fear or doubts. Socialise with confidence. Wear your favourite dress and feel like a Queen!

  • Knowledge of healthy eating habits and nourishing food choices to make YOUR everyday life enjoyable with no restrictions. Know what your mind and body needs to keep you energetic, full, healthy and young.


But more importantly! Our coaching session basically a tool for you to create your own dream life, dream career or dream body.


We are going to teach you with simple and easy to follow steps: 

  • How to keep your healthy habits and incorporate them into your daily routine even after the program - so I will emphasize the importance of shaping a routine that suit your personality, lifestyle and physical level

  • Proper action steps for your weeks/ months during and after the program.

  • A clear vision about your goals and future

  • How to stick to Your plan and reach your goals and feel success

  • Awareness and Mindfulness